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Veritas Feminae

With ‘VeritasFeminae’, it is as if Alec were trying to reproduce the image of women starting from their deepest and most pure point: by abandoning the preconceptions and social structures that impose readings unique to the female reality. His artistic research, in fact, goes beyond the pure aesthetic rendering of the image and becomes a true photographic dialogue between the subject and the artist, filtered by the lens of the camera. The picture becomes, then, the survey instrument of this methodical search for the ‘Truth of Women’, that mystery that always surrounds the female world and that makes the female waterproof to man. Every shot, every click of the camera thus becomes a question that the artist asks the woman and every image that produces this shot gets a response, a small fragment of truth that the woman gives back to the artist. This great artist’s work lies in asking the right questions to these women, freeing them from their fears, making them feel at ease to disrobe their emotions and therefore their own truth. Each subject gives her own answer, her own truth, this is not because the truth is relative but because every woman provides her own nuance to that concept, like a diamond in its purity and integrity has many facets and depending on the angle from which is observed provides a different refraction of light. This is how the work of Alec Von Bargen becomes mosaics of images, in which we find ourselves spectators unaware of a story, that story of the woman and her encounter with the artist.

-Mara Pradella – Head Curator – Nuova Galleria Morone – Milan Italy

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